Have you seen this shocking video where a disabled grandmother confronts the Prime Minister about her hydro bill?
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At a townhall in Peterborough, mother of four and grandmother of three, Kathy Katula, asked Justin Trudeau how he justifies asking her to pay a carbon tax when she only has $65 left every two weeks. Even though Kathy works 15 hours a day, she can’t make ends meet because of her high hydro bills, and can’t afford a carbon tax on top of it all.

The Prime Minister’s response?

“Hydro rates are a provincial responsibility.”

He’s partially right. The Ontario government’s Green Energy Act drove up prices, as did cancelled gas plants and other bad decisions. And the Ontario government’s cap-and-trade carbon tax just kicked in on January 1 and it will drive electricity, gasoline and home heating bills higher.

But the Trudeau government has told the provinces they have to implement cap-and-trade or carbon taxes within 12 months or they will impose one for them. And they plan on hiking it four more times by 2022. This will only make electricity, gas and home heating more expensive.

Politicians just don’t get it. And Ontarians like Kathy are paying the price.

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Source: Canadian Taxpayers Federation


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