from: WeAreGreenBay.com  By Jordan Lamers

Imagine not being able to sleep because pulsating vibrations ripped through your home every night. For many local families, it's all too real.

"What do I see? I see 400 foot vicious dogs tied up in my backyard."

Wind Farms

One family was so affected by the turbines, they had to abandon their home. They still return when they need something, but they make payments on a desolate house.

But people living near wind farms say otherwise. And the problem isn't just in Brown County.

"it's a constant stress -- and you feel it, and you hear it." "there's certain people that are very sensitive to it, doesn't bother my husband at all, as you can see it drives me nuts," said Joan Lagerman, who lives among the 88 turbines in Fond Du Lac county. "When you leave and get away from it, you don't have the pressures, you don't have the headaches, you don't have the ringing of the ears, those kinds of things, you cant sleep at night."

In a study performed in Pennsylvania by Dr. Oguz A. Soysal, Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Physics and Engineering at Frostburg State University in Maryland, sound levels were measured half a mile away from Meyersdale's 20 turbine farm.

in the report, normal audible levels were found in the 50-60 dB range, while low frequency levels were found around 65-70 range. In that report, they say 65-70 dB is the loudness of a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, or hair dryer. 

The World Health Organization recommends, the level of continuous noise outside a dwelling should be 45 dB or less, and inside, 30 dB or less. 

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