How A Dream Became A Nightmare
A true story about the wind mania in northern Germany, of two people who moved to the countryside in order to realize Their dream of a peaceful life and work in the midst of nature and now, 17 years later, find themself in a permanent nightmare.

The nightmare began
10 months after our move, in the middle of our time-consuming renovation work and garden planning Aimed at making our grounds as nature-friendly as possible to realize our dream, wind turbines were erected between 320 and 420 meters from our house.

First, the quality of life this
The nightmare starts and the Consequences for us were the Following:

Since 1995 we have to sleep with closed windows, Because of the noise the wind turbines are Producing - Even When It Is extremely hot. Relaxation and peace in our garden, on our land and with our animals is Impossible When the Wind Blows - Whether from south-east, East, Northeast or Northwest we can scarcely sleep even with closed windows. Conversation inside the house in Certain rooms has been disturbed.

Shadow Flicker, something very special we've never experienced before, came into our lives between November and February. The turbines throw a shadow in the mornings Which gives us headaches, irritability and induces disturbs our concentration (we have our offices at home).

Wind power profiteers and Their dirty methods

That same year, amid this new and terrifying experience, the then-mayor Appeared with the representative of a wind power operator to to convince us of an extension of the wind energy area - in the midst of the most species-rich wet meadows around our country. With the words: "It will not be to your disadvantage ...", he tried to corrupt us. The men were shown the door.

Much later we found out it did what wagered in the village, we let ourselves Whether buy by the WindEnergy profiteers, or Whether our love for nature would triumph ...

So we were told about the 1,000 DM, the Community Representatives were paid in the early 90s For their approval to the first plan for the wind turbines next to our farm ..

THUS we Realized, why the seller of the property we've bought suddenly wanted to sell the farm. Hey what member of the local council and Agreed to the wind power plan, pocketed the sum, and then hurried to look for naive clients, to buy his dilapidated farm for a lot of money before the wind turbines are built.

Slowly we came to know from personal experience and by reading the approval documents of the wind turbines next to us this dirty secrets of the supposedly clean wind energy ... 
 and There Should be a lot more.

Abuses by the wind lobbyists
That Neighbors defend Themselves and Their Fellow Citizens Against thesis plan, Appeared so outrageous in the eyes of wind-profiteers thatthey mobilize Their community of profiteers immediately. This Means, That every citizen, who does not agree any longer, to accept Further destruction by the wind-profiteers, of nature, health and quality of life, the landscape, the real estate assets and pension, which seen as to object of Hatred.

The Following attacks by the wind power lobby were drastic and even criminal. 
It started with threatening phone calls, mostly anonymous. Followed by law suits, of course, that is anonymous, and it was a coming and going of various police departments and authority Representatives in our home. On the question of, who complained about us, what it said "This Could not Be Told" and "From members of the battue." So within five years nine law suits with bizarre contents havebeen initiated against us. Some of them were announced during festivities in the village under the wind lobbyists, and what it called to participate, as EC abuses by the hunters at the battue.

On the occasion of Council meetings public pillory campaigns were held against dissidents, a little like the Middle Ages. Gladly in the presence of the regional press with Subsequent report in the local newspaper.

Of course there were people who did not want to participate in criminal actions against us, but fear of the powerful landowners and wind lobbyists, combined with a lack of awareness of injustice and loyalty made them silent in front of the attacks against us and our animals , Later on we heard piecemeal, who initiated the actions against us.

Packets of dubious content: such as underpants and scary drawings come by post and in the empty barrel wefind wet diapers for adults. The Level Of These attacks can not be beaten.

We learned then, thesis greedy citizens have no scruples and no problems to act against the law.

Threats of violence like "Those I'll burn down the farm" and "If I Can grave them, I want to spank them, until They never get up again" did not stop us. That this way of dealing with wind power in circles Opponents of wind power Profiteers is common for years, Confirming reports from all over Germany, so but from other countries.

Farmer Boys exert pressure on the fire service chief, by refusing Their cooperation in the fire service, Because The chief had refused to give his consent as a member of the Community Council for a wind power project,

Windows were smashed and cars scratched.

Decollated pig head in the garden of windpower Opponents, decapitated pigeons with feet tied together hanging on the doorknob of a mayor and wind power opponent, dead rats in the mailbox - Greetings from the Mafia!

Memories of History Lessons in school about the Nazi era Regularly come into mind, if one experiences, did freelancers, workshops or dealer loose Their customers and clients, Because today it is called "Do not buy from wind power Opponents" and "Dissenters are given no orders ".

Democracy is already at its end, where struggle is about wind power in rural communities!

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