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from: Schall Opfer

In an open letter to Bargteheider and Hamburger doctors have contacted the Bargteheider city representatives and politicians, as well as to the district Stormarn.[Doctors] indicate possible health effects of wind farms.

The problem is the noise emission of wind turbines. The low frequencies led to sleep and concentration problems, tinnitus and dizziness.

Doctors for more spacing to wind turbines

The energy transition is advocated in the general population. Against the meaningful Expansion of wind energy is basically nothing wrong. However, it should be negative Effects are better respected. Wind turbines are getting higher and with greater Built performance. The large plants are louder than the lower ones. More and more people complain of impairments caused by noise emissions, in particular by deep Frequencies. 

In an open letter now have doctors to politicians in Bargteheide and in Schleswig-Holstein turned. Out of consideration for people's health to the Distances between wind turbines and residential building are adequately designed. Than appropriate distances is considered 10 times the height of the wind turbine. The physicians refer to publications of other colleagues ( and on international Studies.

With the 10-H rule, ie "height of the wind turbine by 10 Minimum distance from the must Houses be ", namely deterioration is not ruled out, but it is a Compromise, could respond to the wind farm operator and critic.

People's health takes precedence over other economic issues.

Gabriele Artinger
Specialist in General Medicine
Naturopathy, nutritional medicine
Alte Landstr. 100
22941 Bargteheide


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