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from: Schall Opfer

Siegbert Weinrich, 95671 Bärnau: "We will continue to proceed with all his might against the wind, with me is particularly to avoid adverse effects on health of my patients at heart."

Fight at windmills!
Oberpfälzer doctor warns of dangers of the use of wind power

As a country doctor, I look after the community Ellefeld with 2 medium sized (500 KW) Wind turbines. The wind turbines were initially in the population quite positive received and seen as a technical advance. Even the inhabitants of the immediately adjacent houses (distance 200m) initially felt no negative effects.

And now comes the insidious of these wind turbines: After a period of a few months, these residents reported that they increasingly suffer from the noise emissions of the wind turbines, the frequencies rich in the audible range up to inaudible infrasound.

With strong easterly winds a mighty noise footprint draws throughout the village and prevents the people sleep. As a result of the occurring Sleep disturbance especially in elderly people to sometimes considerable depressive reactions!

Continue the Shadow with the disco effect light reflections to Lack of concentration, as a consequence for those affected completely inexplicable Black spots occur.

The plant operator advertises pursue the total safety of wind power and still claims that there is in the population a high level of acceptance, although it is known that the above described health problems now occur always massive.

In Bärnau, my practice seat, has become a popular movement against wind power formed, the opposite in autumn 1998 within a few days more than 1000 signatures Was able to provide wind power. This has succeeded in a giant wind farm of 13 wind turbines to avoid with a height of up to 130m for the time being.

The operators of wind turbines attract money investors with huge Tax depreciation and gain promises by overpriced electricity prices due to the power feed Act. The bill for these gains the Money investors pay on one side of the taxpayer, on the other side of Energy consumers.



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