Please have a look at Shellie Correira's petition to try and help save her family and her son Joey from being seriously adversely impacted by wind turbines to be built near her home in Canada. (link at the bottom and once you have signed at it is easy to unsubscribe)

Shellie has publicised the issues of children and adverse impacts from wind turbines, including children with special needs who are one of the most vulnerable groups in our community.  Subjecting children to excessive levels of infrasound and low frequency noise is tantamount to child abuse by the state, and that is precisely what is occurring whilst powerful politicians like Kathleen Wynne who could put a stop to this immediately turn their backs, avert their eyes and shut their ears to what is going on.  

As a parent, protection of our children's current and future health and wellbeing is of paramount importance, and I know that the inability of families to protect their most vulnerable - being their children and their elderly, is a source of immense distress to rural families around the world.

If you are able to sign her petition and circulate it widely to others you are in contact with and on social media, I would be very grateful.

The link to the petition is here: 

Many thanks


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