Since 2006 rural Ontario residents suffering ill health in wind turbine projects have been filing complaints with the Ministry of Environment, politicians, ministry health officials, public health officials and various wind companies. The complaints number in the thousands. Six years have passed and still no agency, ministry or Premier will take responsibility for the adverse health issues.

In 2009 due to ongoing denial and complete lack of government response, a community based selfreporting health survey was initiated to try to capture what was happening in the province. Responses were on a voluntary basis and privacy was protected.

The WindVOiCe Health Survey follows the principles of Health Canada vigilance monitoring and became an early vital link to the education of government officials, medical professionals and others. It has been peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal and has been cited in the British Medical Journal. The WindVOiCe survey captured an initial 138 responses before it was closed to process the results in 2011. 

download pdf file Wind Turbine Impacts in Ontario


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