North American Platform Against Wind Power
November  9, 2014

A case of widespread consumer fraud and systemic government abetted torture:  Health Canada’s study furthervictimizes wind turbine refugees and cohabitants. Ontario Anti Wind Groups along with International groups, react strongly with anger to the Health Canada wind turbine noise study, knowing that projects will be exponentially promoted and sanctified worldwide, via this 2 million dollar, taxpayer funded, fraudulent study.

Indeed, hours later, at most a day, thumbing its nose at victims of wind, numbering hundreds with thousands of serious complaints of widespread chronic sleep deprivation and other adverse health effects, and communities with lost or greatly depreciated homes and dead or reduced livestock, Ontario’s Liberals announced approval of a massive turbine array in Niagara, to install the largest turbines ever in Canadian history. 

NA-PAW notes the similarities to the Tobacco lobby, which utilized medical personnel to ignore medical evidence of harm and conduct their own research with results favourable to Big Tobacco. One ad, supported by research conducted by physicians, was purported to express that Philip Morris brand eased irritated throats, and “every case of irritation cleared completely or definitely improved.” Philip Morris soon became a major brand. 

Health Canada’s turbine noise and health study was tailor made for CanWEA; the powerful wind industry lobby group.  There are apparent conflicts of interest on the part of some scientists conducting the study, who may have commercial interests aligned with the wind industry or who have demonstrated a consistent bias towards it
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