Good Morning to Grey County Council Members and Candidates,
Attached is an important media release from the North American Platform against wind. download file
Many people living in the Municipality of Grey Highlands within the Plateau Wind Farm project are being bombarded almost daily with low frequency noise and infrasound. We know of people who have left their homes and others who are trying to get out but cannot sell regardless of how much they reduce the price of their homes. The numbers of “Casualties” will continue to grow as the municipality hosts more turbines unless by-laws are enacted to protect human health.
Those of you who have been on council for the last four years are well aware of the debilitating symptoms that the victims of  the Plateau Wind Farm are enduring.  Our delegation to the Grey/Bruce Health Board and Dr. Lynn made our plight known and resulted in a “Systematic Review 2013: Association between Wind Turbines and Human Distress” in which they demonstrated “the presence of reasonable evidence that an association exists between wind turbines and distress in humans”.   Lack of sleep adversely effects the brain and cognitive function. It can cause depression, diabetes, heart problems and physiological effects too numerous  to mention here. In fact the European Convention on Human Rights says that deliberate use  of sleep deprivation “amounts to a practice of inhumane and degrading treatment”.
Two Jurisdictions in North America have taken a stand to protect people from the harmful effects of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT). Brown County, Wisconsin and Plympton Wyoming, Ontario. It is not and never has been acceptable to say that local government hands are tied. The  health and well being of a community rests in the hands of it’s local government. “We want candidates to know that the actions they take as elected officials will affect the health, equity and sustainability of their community...  The role of a municipal candidate in creating or championing health in their community cannot be understated”.
Dr. Hazel Lynn, Grey Bruce Medical Officer of Health.

"Many would be surprised to learn that the greatest contribution to the health of the nation over the past 150 years was made, not by doctors for hospitals, but by local governments.”

Dr. Jessie Parfitt, public health physician and author of The Health of a City

Three years is a long time to suffer from something that can be corrected, please don’t allow us to suffer any longer.

The favour of a response is appreciated.

Virginia Stewart Love

Casualties of Grey Highlands



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