Last week, September 2014, Dr. Eric Hoskins, provincial Minister of Health for Ontario left the plowing match in Ivy where he and Wynne and other cabinet ministers were heckled about wind turbines, and travelled to Markdale to announce that funding would be provided for a new hospital in Markdale. 
After Dr. Hoskins made his speech and before the photo op under the sign for a new hospital,  Ginny Stewart gave him a package of information and asked for his help.  Ginny is one of a number of Grey Highlands residents who have suffered health issues since the start up of industrial wind turbines in our municipality.  At least one of our residents has simply walked away from a home that became unfit to live in after turbine start-up.  One of the documents hand-delivered to Hoskins can be downloaded summary of peer reviewed references of the illhealth effects of wind turbines



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