The co-joined Hearing  for a  Stay of the K2 Wind and St. Columban Wind projects has been set for September 22nd and 23rd in London. A stay ruling would effectively halt any further work on the projects pending the outcome of the Divisional Court appeal (of the Renewable Energy Approvals for the K2, St. Columban and Armowwind  projects) which will be heard on November 17,  18 and  19,  2014.  The Stay Application has been brought by community groups in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh (SWEAR) and St. Columban (HEAT) fighting the developments in their communities.

If successful, the Stay Application will put a stop to further construction in the K2 and St.  Columban  projects  until  a  decision  has  been  reached  in  the  Divisional  Court Charter Challenge appeal led  by human  rights lawyer Julian Falconer. A  successful appeal  will  set  a  precedent  and  will  assist  all  appeals  and  legal  challenges  going forward. Other citizens can then raise the same issues and seek the same relief. Communities which are dealing with existing projects could also receive a benefit.

Dave  Hemingway,  President  of  SWEAR  (Safe  Wind  Energy  for  All  Residents) reiterates that there is a broader public interest being served. “Over time the public has  become  educated  as  to  what  is  happening  under  the  Renewable  Energy  Act. This case is  for the people of Ontario. Our provincial  government says that massive industrial wind turbine developments are being safely sited.  We disagree and we, the people, will hold them accountable. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the Canadian  government’s  promise  to  every  man,  woman  and child  in  this country, guaranteeing that we will  have security  of the person. The government of Ontario did not exercise due diligence when crafting the Green Energy and Economy Act. A very heavy handed approach was used  and Ontario citizens should not tolerate this irresponsible type of governance.”

Fundraising  continues. Again  the  groups  which  have  come  together  to  “Unite the Fight” thank everyone who has supported them in the past. 

Donation cheques for this action should be made payable to “SWEAR” and sent to:
Dave Hemingway RR2 Bayfield ON N0M 1G0 (
Robert Tetu, RR5 Seaforth ON N0K 1W0 (

Donors can also go online to the SWEAR website,, and hit the “DONATE” button:

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