Author:  McMurtry, Robert

The first public meeting to describe the proposal for a 75 MW wind energy generating system on Amherst Island, dated December 2011, put forward a single document to address the potential adverse health impacts, a paper by Knopper and Ollson (2011) “Health effects and wind turbines: A review of the literature.” Other references have been added to the company website but no further document has been prepared in advance of the second public meetings to be held on March 5th and 6th, 2013. Drs. Knopper and Ollson have been retained as consultants by Algonquin Power Co.

The purpose of this commentary is to evaluate the Knopper and Ollson (2011) paper on its own merits, including strengths and weaknesses, errors of commission and omission (Part I) as well the existing state of knowledge as of January 2013 18 months after Knopper and Ollson’s (2011) publication (Part B). A considerable amount of new information continues to evolve (Part B and Appendix C) which appears to have been passed over by Algonquin Power Co.

1. Publication of Knopper and Ollson (2011) strengths and weaknesses of authors

Neither author has any formal education nor training that qualify them to be licensed 
health care practitioners or clinician scientists. Interpreting a person or patient’s history, 
conducting an examination of a human subject, ordering or interpreting diagnostic blood tests or 
imaging, developing a differential diagnosis, rendering a working or final diagnosis or 
recommending treatment are all activities that lie beyond their scope of expertise. As will be 
discussed these constraints appear to be set aside by the authors. In their remarks and conclusions 
they venture into the sphere of health care practitioners (e.g. diagnosis, pathogenesis and 
treatment recommendations) areas in which neither of them has expertise.

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