A Highly Alarming Position Paper From a Medical Association (Australian AMA)

On the background of my long working life in community and occupational medicine, including environmental medicine and research, weighting the preventive aspects, I am shocked to read your position paper on wind farms and health. The style and language is definitely not based on scientific, medical wording but sounds much more of what we hear from the wind turbine industry and their sales promoting lobbyists. A pure worship to this “modern” technology.  The industry has never documented their harmlessness, based on research, involving relevant medical expertise (e.g. audiologists, medical epidemiologists, community medical specialists etc.) without any conflicts of interests.

But human bodies, inner ears and the brain are easily affected by those amounts of sound energy – only they are not “audible” in a narrow definition, but they are definitely hazardous and strongly activating specific brain nuclei (amygdale, hippocampus), causing panic, anxiousness and in long run depression. But worst of all, they cause impaired sleep or insomnia (sleeplessness) with deleterious effects (see the new Norwegian HUNT study attached). So all the “mechanisms” you speak about, direct and indirect, are there and they are well documented, see e.g. the Alec Salt recent article (attached).


A PHYSICIAN SHALL always exercise his/her independent professional judgment and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.

A PHYSICIAN SHALL not allow his/her judgment to be influenced by personal profit or unfair discrimination.

A PHYSICIAN SHALL be dedicated to providing competent medical service in full professional and moral independence, with compassion and respect for human dignity.

A PHYSICIAN SHALL deal honestly with patients and colleagues, and report to the appropriate authorities those physicians who practice unethically or incompetently or who engage in fraud or deception.

A PHYSICIAN SHALL certify only that which he/she has personally verified.

A PHYSICIAN SHALL respect the local and national codes of ethics.”

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Mauri Johansson, MD, Master in Humanities and Health Studies
Specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine (including Environmental Medicine)
Sportsvej 17
7441 Bording
Denmark (Europe)



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