How is it possible that an organization like AMA comes with statements that will harm the people who suffer from the infrasound of wind turbines even more. Because of this statement these people will be put aside as people with psychiatric problems and therefor not worthwhile listening to….?

Do you realize that your statement will have an impact on the international community as well? Countries are looking at each other how they solve the resistance that there is against wind turbines because of the health problems that are reported by many many people living in the proximity of wind turbines.

It looks like Health organisations get the assignment from their governments to write a report where these health problems are being denied. How can you live with this as doctors, who made the oath of Hippocrates?

Absence of Evidence does NOT mean Evidence of Absence, which is known in the whole scientific world. So how is it possible that well educated doctors and scientists say that because there is no evidence that people will be harmed, the people will not be harmed and that there is nothing to worry about?

Has the lobby of wind industry reached so far that everybody can be bought?

As a health practitioner in Holland I am very worried to see a similar thing happening here. We have an institute that does research for the well-being(?) of the people (RIVM). But if the outcome might not be convenient for the policy of the government, the research is influenced in a way that the outcome doesn’t harm the plans, which are in this case putting up wind turbines in the proximity of the people. The result is that over 10.000 (!!!) people will be living in the distance of 700 meters from wind turbines within a few years. read entire letter

Janet Holtkamp



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