I am a behavioural Pediatrician and I specialize in assessment and care of children with developmental and mental health problems.

Noxious stimuli (or unexpected, or unnatural stimuli) are a source of environmental stress that affect the human brain and mounts a physiologic response to restabilize. For “typical” brains, known sources of environmental stress include airports, highways and industry. Wind turbines concern me, given my strong knowledge of neurobiology. Due to well-documented disruption to the .. ”normal” environment (vibration, noxious repetitive sound) this is potentially a danger to health. There is also a rational fear that families living near these structures are being exposed, and have no reassurance of the long-term effects on health, particularly brain biology. In children, the developing brain is exquisitely sensitive and plastic — it relies on clean inputs to develop normally. Science has no evidence that this abnormal, incessant stimulus does not have long lasting effects on the developing fetal child and adolescent brain. Applying basic principles in fact suggest great danger of disrupting normal human neural networks.

Dr Chrystella Calvert



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