Ms. Wynne,
 I have asked for your help many, many times and as of yet, never had a reply from you.  We still live in Ontario and I really think we should be able to have the support of our Government.  We have lived with this Transformer station for 8 years now and suffered on most of those days.
The MOE still say that they have no jurisdiction over what is bothering us and closed our file last May.  The Deputy MInister of the MOE wrote a letter to Health Canada asking for help for us because the MOE did not have the ability to help us.  But they still closed our file.  We still live here, try to pay taxes, try to make a living, etc., etc. 
 Our family cannot come and visit on lots of occasion with out being impacted by the emissions from the Transformer station.  We have friends who will not come and visit with us because of what has happen to them when they have been here in the passed.
Is this the way you and your government treat the people in rural Ontario?  Please help us find a solution to this problem.  Someone has to take responsibility for this situation.  It is terrible to go night after night with no sleep or at best broken sleep.
Ms Wynne, Please help us,
 Ted Whitworth

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