This additional disclosure is intended to inform MPAC of impacts IWTs can have when sited in proximity to humans.

It is my opinion, MPAC’s study of industrial wind turbines should be subjected to a rigorous independent audit before it is relied upon.

This opinion is supported by data and references which I compiled over the last five years.

I previously provided disclosure to MPAC that the 2011 Ontario Real Estate Association Form 220 requires a residential Seller Property Information Statement disclosure of environmental issues including “toxic waste”, “soil contamination”, “land fills” and “wind turbines” planned for the immediate area.

On January 11, 2014 I was provided information from an Ontario owner of property that is located in proximity to proposed industrial wind turbines.

This Ontario property owner informed me that in late 2013 MPAC stated to him: “Based on our analysis and the study that was undertaken, MPAC has determined that no adjustments are required to the assessed values of properties located in proximity to wind turbines.”

This MPAC statement would not appear to be supported by your email disclosure of August 19, 2013.

In your August 19, 2013 email you disclosed to me that in regards to wind turbines “MPAC is undertaking only one study”. Furthermore your email disclosure states “As I mentioned in my last email, MPAC's study of industrial wind turbines (IWT) is not examining the health effects of IWT or, determining if the presence of IWT affects the sale prices of surrounding properties.”

Please provide to me in writing, full disclosure of any and all MPAC studies (including data, methodology, algorithms) that MPAC may be relying upon to determine that no adjustments are required to the assessed values of properties located in proximity to wind turbines. In addition please provide to me a listing of any legislation, guidelines and policies which govern the conduct and activities of MPAC.

I look forward to a response from MPAC to these new requests for disclosure.

I continue to look forward to hearing from you regarding the outstanding queries from my previous correspondence. Based on your December 6 2013 disclosure 6 provided to me I should expect to hear from you shortly.

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours truly,
Brett Horner BA CMA
Killaloe, ON

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