This email from a family physician to an Ontario resident is reprinted with permission by the author. How can any reasonable intelligent person no pay attention to these Doctors statements. Someone is going to pay a big price for this madness of pushing ahead and ignoring a growing body of evidence on the harm these machines do. Dr. A King MOH of Ontario will someday go down in history as an accomplice to big government and big corporate interests. Her legacy will be the serious health consequences of  the individuals impacted by these turbines.
These machines are a foolish and expensive investment at a time when the evidence of negative health impact is becoming irrefutable. Perhaps the mass of voters in the cities do not care about the few rural people who will pay the price with their health. One would hope they would care at leased based upon the foolish rush to waste the taxpayer money at a time when other wind options are now or potential green energy options are available without these harmful effects.

Harry Cieslar , MD, MPH Department of Public Health, University of Michigan



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