Ms. Garcia- Wright, Mr. Chiarelli, Mr. Bradley and Ms. Mathews,

For many months, I have been pursuing the question of health for children whose parents agree to place wind turbines on their properties at less than the 550m setback.  I thought the question very important since the government says 550m is protective of human health.  That suggests that anything less than 550m is not protective.  I was also curious as to whether or not the consent of the affected children is obtained in these situations. 

I thought it unreasonable and ridiculous that I had to pursue answers through several different ministries and that it took many months to get a response.  However, once I read the response, I realized that there there are much bigger concerns.  I had to read the response (attached) that I received from Ms. Garcia-Wright a number of times because  I could not believe what I was reading.  The government has just essentially said that the health of children living WITHIN the 550m setback from wind turbines is negotiable.  This government has decided that they need to play the role of parent when it comes to tanning salons and in school cafeterias yet sees no need to play a role with respect to this issue.  If ever an oversight role was required, it is in this situation since decisions with respect to wind turbines are driven by money and judgement can be clouded by money. The wind developers want to make a lot of money and some parents may put the chance of additional income before their own children. In fairness to those parents, and as you are well aware, the opportunistic wind developers would not be pointing out any kind of issue with positioning of the turbines at less than the 550m setback.  

This is frightening!  I am appalled that your wind energy policy takes precedence over the health of these children. Perhaps you need to alter your claim that 550m is protective of human health.  Perhaps it should say that 550m is protective of human health but the health of participating landowners and their children can be sacrificed for money.   

I feel I must share this response with Mothers Against Wind Turbines as well as other wind action groups.  I also plan to distribute it to media and to every interest group that I can find that represents childrens' issues.  People in this province need to know that the health of these children can be negotiated between two parties for the almighty dollar and that our government condones it.   

I do, of course, wish to see a response from one of you or all of you and hopefully it won't take months.  

Bonnie Tuson 



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