Wind Victims Ontario has created a webpage to document the progress of the Ontario Wind Turbine Health Study University of Waterloo. Please go to the the webpage for more details.
University of Waterloo Applied Health Sciences

Summary of Activities - Year 2 (2012)
1.1 Wind Turbine Health Studies: Clinical and Epidemiological Studies
1.2 GIS-based spatial analysis: Wind-Turbine Health data
1.3 Wind Turbine Noise Studies: Modeling
1.4 Wind Turbine Noise Studies: Field Measurements
1.5 Health Risk Communication
other topics 
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University of Waterloo Applied Health Sciences
Summary of Activities - Year 3 (2013)
1.1  Wind Turbine Health Studies: Clinical and Epidemiological Studies
1.2  Wind Turbine Health Studies: Biomarkers
1.3  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Health
1.4  Wind Turbine Health Studies: Sleep Study
1.5  Lived Experience
1.6  Wind Turbine Noise measurement
Other topics

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Letter sent to residents in Ontario asked to participate in the study.
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University of Waterloo Wind Turbine Health Effects Poster
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"Sleep deprivation can cause impaired memory and cognitive functioning, decreased short term memory, speech impairment, hallucinations, psychosis, lowered immunity, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety and depression.  Gretchen Borchelt, JD & Christian Pross, MD"
Action Alert November 2013
The Ontario Government must take action now to stop the operation wind turbine projects that have been placed too close to people’s homes.
There have been endless complaints of serious health problems for those living close to wind turbine projects. A recent release of an ongoing health study from the University of Waterloo again confirms 
this. The Ontario Government has not taken any action to resolve these issues.
      Please send to the contacts listed in the Action Alert and include your MPP and MP
Wind Victims Ontario Comment
Clearly this study, supported by thousands of complaints to the Environment and Health ministries, shows impacts are happening in real time to many families in this province. The failure of the Wynne government to acknowledge and address the impacts is a public disgrace. That any authority with the power to do something would choose leave people suffering is beyond our comprehension and as you read this more turbines are being approved, erected and allowed to continue to operate by the Wynne government.


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