Waubra Foundation
Monday 25th November, 2013
US Justice Muse has just ruled that two 1.65 VESTAS Wind Turbines in Falmouth (Massachusetts) cause “irreparable physical and psychological harm” to the health of neighbours. He has ordered that the turbines are immediately turned off between 7pm and 7am every night, pending the hearing of a case for noise nuisance.

These two turbines are the same power generating capacity as wind turbines at a number of wind developments in Australia where local residents have reported the same range of symptoms, most commonly repetitive sleep disturbance, known for centuries to result in serious long term damage to mental and physical health.

In a letter to the Falmouth Town Health Board in September, US Psychiatrist Dr William Hallstein called for the Board to “stop the abuse” and detailed how sleep deprivation can worsen many pre existing health conditions, can cause serious harm to healthy people if prolonged, and is used as a method of torture.

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