ILL Wind Reporting looks to uncover and document the many instances of negative effects from wind developments in rural communities. ILL Wind Reporting is available for all to use. If you are having problems please take a couple of minutes to document your situation.

Wind Lease landowner suffering from vertigo
19:53 Oct 26 2013 Harrow, Essex, ON N0R, Canada
Landowner under contract with wind developer is suffering from vertigo. Explanation given is this was caused by an infection in a blood vessel in his inner ear.

Additional Data

Wind Company Name: IPC/GDF Suez Canada
Project Name: AIM Harrow Wind Farm
Distance to Nearest Turbine (in Metres): 700

Vertigo in Harrow
19:47 Oct 26 2013 Harrow, Essex, ON N0R, Canada
Man in mid 60's suffering from vertigo. Under medication to alleviate symptoms.

Additional Data

Wind Company Name: IPC/GDF SuezProject 
Name: AIM Harrow Wind Project
Distance to Nearest Turbine (in Metres): 600

CAW turbine causing problems in Port Elgin Ontario
10:33 Sep 6 2013 Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores, ON, Canada
Video of victim impact statements in Port Elgin, Ontario. Intense vibration requires resident to leave her home to find respite. 

Additional Data
Wind Company Name: CAW Port Elgin wind turbine
Distance to Nearest Turbine (in Metres): 2000 metres

Loss of propety values in Port Elgin
07:45 Aug 26 2013 Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores, ON, Canada
I am writing asking for your support in requesting the CAW to remove the wind turbine which is currently on their property. As a Developer in the area, I have had sales in the southwest end of Port Elgin fall through because of noise and health concerns created as a result of the wind turbine running. I have been advised by real estate agents that people won’t even look at properties at that end of town. The value of the land and homes in this area has greatly depreciated due to the wind turbine and is making it challenging to recoup the costs of developing land in this area. This will also impact the Town in the amount of taxes and development fees it will be able to collect. Homeowners who purchased homes from me in this area and prior to the wind turbine are advising me that they are now suffering from dizziness, vertigo, extreme headaches and vision problems. People are also suffering from high blood pressure, black spots in their vision, nosebleeds and loss of concentration, among other issues. Their health had been fine prior to the wind turbine starting up and this is not what they signed up for when they bought their homes. We have been constructing homes in Port Elgin for many years and this has been the first time our company is opposing something such as this wind turbine 

Additional Data
Project Name: CAW Port Elgin

Constant hum
13:44 Aug 12 2013 Cedar Springs, ON N0P, Canada
As a long term resident of cedar springs I have observed a constant hum and swosh sound of blades. I truly don't enjoy my yard anymore.

Abnormal Dog Behaviour
22:00 Aug 6 2013 Ridgetown, Chatham-Kent, ON N0P, Canada

wind moderate from the south/southeast. Can hear pulsing jet engine noise from the turbines to the south. The dog (year and a half old) for the first time ever will not go into the room where he has spent every night previously. The room where he sleeps is on the south side of the house. I tried several times to get him to go in the room, and he just put his head down and slunk away each time.

Additional Data
Wind Company Name: Enbridge
Project Name: Talbot Wind
Distance to Nearest Turbine (in Metres): 1500

CAW Port Elgin Turbine
11:21 Jul 26 2013 206 Stickel Street, Saugeen Shores, ON N0H 2C1, Canada
ATTN. Co Governess of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Sari your positions at both the CAW and the CCOHS puts you in a unique spot to help people suffering since the start up of the CAW industrial wind turbine. We have many impacted citizens whose stories are soon to be publically shared. Here is but one; Ann Kelly, living at 206 Stickle St. approximately 500 metres from the CAW turbine, is a senior who has kept an accurate daily journal of her symptoms since first being affected upon her arrival back from her winter stay. Since May 9th she has experienced escalating episodes of physical discomfort, pain and is being robbed of a basic enjoyment of her own backyard in her new townhome. She exhibits classic low frequency noise exposure symptoms. Her doctor in an effort to eliminate all other causes had undergo a brain scan. It came back clear. She is a suffering woman and she and her husband have filed multiple CAW complaints recently and all she gets back is a complaint file number registration. No calls, no visit. Nothing. And you wonder why people just give up and suffer in silence? You take their despair and equate it to lack of complaints. Where is the CAW concern that Ken Lewenza so proudly spoke of in November 2011 saying to our community leaders that the neighbours health was his number one concern and upon evidence of health impacts he would do everything in his power to resolve them including shutting down the turbine. No calls, no visits. Nothing. Now upon that evidence surfacing in the form of citizen complaints and multiple local doctor confirmations, we are calling on Ken Lewenza to keep his promise, a promise that was confirmed by CAW email to the community leaders he met with and on public radio by a Ken Bondy, CAW’s environmental official, to Dale Goldhawk. The CAW turbine is unequivocally harming people. We have measured the infra and low frequency pressure changes in our homes. If it’s in our homes, it’s in your workplace at the FEC. You know LFN is a documented workplace health hazard. Do the right thing, stop the harm. If not for residents then for your own members. Your silence is deafening. Don’t take my word as evidence as I am a protestor and as you are aware the CAW has a policy not to negotiate with protestors. I’m passing that policy on to all CAW unionized companies so they are aware and that they too can embrace this policy. Call her and hear her story for yourself. Her phone number is on all her complaints forms. 

Additional Data
Project Name: CAW Port Elgin



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