The CAW industrial wind turbine has been in operation for 20 weeks (starting March, 2013) near the town of Port Elgin - Saugeen Shores. Complaints have arisen from people living at distances of 350 meters to 2000m.

This video is 90 minutes long. There is a great deal of information in the first 5 - 10 minutes. Some excerpts are below. Please watch the video for complete details.

Greg Schmalz
"Citizens have been robbed of their charter rights to health and property enjoyment...Stories of negative health effects have been surfacing daily"

Greg Schmalz on behalf of Ann Kelley
"headaches, pain over my eyes, black spots in my vision, vertigo, sleeping interruptions... after leaving on a trip all symptoms went away"

Greg Schmalz on behalf of Charlie Kelley
"headaches, vertigo, and tightness in my head."

Greg Schmalz on behalf of Barbara Lowe
"I began to experience nightly sleep disturbances, pressure in my ears and some loss of hearing...on a trip (away from the area) I had no problems... When I returned the problems returned immediately and also became worse. I was getting only a few undisturbed hours of sleep a night..."


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