Review of the MOE Turbine Noise Compliance Test at the Libby Home
John Harrison, PhD.
May 2013

Errors in the MOE Analysis
Whoever provided the analysis of the MOE measurements at the Libby residence has no idea of what they were doing. This is serious because the analysis purports to show that the measured sound pressure levels are not so bad. What was done was to take the measured sound pressure level, subtract the regulation sound pressure level at the same wind speed and compare the difference with the regulation sound pressure level. This is nonsense.

The second column was labelled ambient but that is wrong. The sound pressure level limits have the reference ambient sound pressure level built in.

I conclude that the turbines close to the Libby home are non-compliant and need to be shut down. I also conclude that there needs to be more supervision of those making turbine noise compliance measurements. Finally, these measurements highlight the inadequacy of the present prediction protocol.
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