Risks of harm associated with energy facilities
A commentary by Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
February 8, 2013
Canadians have asked me “who is protecting our health” and “how can the government do this to us?”
§ There are expectations that federal and provincial systems are in place to protect health;
§ Canada has subscribed to several overarching international principles which affirm rights to health;
§ The federal government states the “installation and siting of wind turbines in Canada falls within the purview of the provincial and territorial governments”;
§ Canadians seeking remedy or resolution to negative effects of wind energy facilities are “bounced’ from one bureaucratic process to another;
§ Indications are that policy supersedes health protection;
§ Once the wind energy facilities start operating, there does not appear to be remedy or resolution and both federal and provincial governments, are perceived as indifferent to those reporting negative health and social-economic impacts;
§ Subjecting non-consenting individuals to an exposure which is known or suspected to have adverse health effects and then studying these individuals while exposing them to the contaminant raises ethical issues;
§ The assurance that the “government is committed to protecting health of Canadians with respect to renewable energy sources” do not seem to be implemented to the satisfaction of those negatively affected.

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