From StopTheseThings  ,February 5, 2013

On his 3rd visit over 6-­‐8 weeks during the spring of 2012, he quite emphatically declared that he was experiencing something called Wind Turbine Syndrome. At the time I inwardly rolled my eyes, but after conducting some research, I decided it might just be possible. To test this hypothesis, he and his wife went on a 3 week vacation, and within 1-­‐2 days of being away from home, ALL his symptoms resolved. On return, the same distressing sensations gradually returned. This amelioration when away was confirmed dozens of times … he became aware that when the wind was coming out of the north or northwest he was particularly affected, and so arranged to sleep at a friend’s house on those nights … Generally he spent 3-­‐4 nights away from home throughout the spring and summer of 2012, and on those nights felt and slept well.
        I have seen 5 other individuals with similar syndromes, and it easy to imagine how this state could easily presage more chronic illness … depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, the list goes on … and all the pharmaceutical drugs that these maladies might eventually necessitate. I would be concerned for those whose nervous systems are sensitive and vulnerable … infants and small children, children with ADHD or autism spectrum syndromes, and constitutionally nervous adults.
        Written testimony presented January 31, 2013, to the Vermont Senate Natural Resources Committee concerning S.30, a bill to establish a 3-year moratorium on industrial wind development in the state — provided courtesy of Vermonters for a Clean Environment. continue reading
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