This submission is being made on behalf of twelve or more families (41 including children plus 8 additional family members from time to time) who have requested I make a submission on their behalf.

The families reported that during the pre-turbine phase “No one from Health Canada or the local jurisdiction has investigated the impacts that are being imposed on these families.”

At this early stage, the families stated they did not want to be assuming that changes in health that they were observing were attributed to the start up of wind turbines. The hope was that no one would be affected and they would escape the negative issues.
However, residents reported:
One resident reported being insulin dependent and uncharacteristically glucose values are off substantively. The resident has experienced panic attacks, chest pressure and difficulty breathing associated with sudden awakenings. The spouse reports pain in the jaw and ears. In both these cases, this is has not been a normal occurrence.
One resident has been to the emergency room with chest pains and other symptoms characteristic of a heart attack.
“Dogs that normally are not barkers now bark, some constantly. Some dogs face the turbine near the home and bark. In some cases, the dogs shake their heads and try to “burrow” in the homeowner’s lap. These actions are not characteristic of the owners’ dogs.
There is a sentiment regarding a lack of social justice and remedy available. continue reading



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