This submission is being made on behalf of the La Rocque/Kapyrka family from Nova Scotia.

In addition to headaches, tinnitus, general malaise, and exhaustion, one family member reports serious impacts on hearing. Sudden loss of hearing, leaking and bleeding ears and extreme pain occurs intermittently which has resolved upon relocation away from the wind energy facility. The effects in general are extremely debilitating and normal day to day living and quality of life has been altered. The lack of sleep has affected emotional status.

The care giver of the family Cheryl La Rocque/Kapyrka has an array of serious symptoms that abate when relocated to another environment. Symptoms include persistent bowel issues, headaches, loss of cognitive functioning, intermittent total loss of hearing, ringing in the ears, stuffed and plugged sensations in the ears, ear pain, and feeling it is like being in a “fog”. Chronic fatigue and emotional impacts persist when in the home environment.

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