As a follow-up to 'Industrial Wind Turbines Shatter Environmental Guidelines, Grey Highlands, Ontario' released earlier this week. Wind Victims Ontario has attained a Ministry of Environment (MOE) wind turbine noise test that was done at the Chatham - Kent home of Mr. David Libby in December of 2011. This test also shows very high levels of wind turbine noise at Mr. Libby's residence. And, in fact the turbine was out of compliance with Provincial regulations. However the MOE claimed they could not use these results because of "rain and high humidity." The MOE also sets up a weather station as part of the testing equipment. There was no rain recorded on the MOE records. Environment Canada recorded no rain on that date. Mr. Libby recorded no rain. The humidity at the time was 66% per MOE records.
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Distance given 659m, decibel scale on the left.


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