Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister Aglukkaq,
I am a published peer reviewed author on the subject of wind turbines and health effects. I am writing to you about the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study team apparent failure to provide full disclosure of the “health effect conclusively demonstrated” from exposure to wind turbine noise.

 In 2009 Health Canada examined the scientific literature on wind turbine noise and determined the health effect “conclusively demonstrated” from exposure to wind turbine noise is an increase of self-reported general annoyance and complaints (i.e., headaches, nausea, tinnitus, vertigo).
 Members of Health Canada’s acoustics division propose wind turbine sound levels of 45dBA and predict an increase in the percentage of Canadians highly annoyed.
 Based on peer reviewed studies wind turbine sound pressure levels of 45 dBA will result in a non-trivial percentage of persons can be expected to be highly annoyed. The sound from wind turbines can be expected to contribute to stress related health impacts in some persons. Despite these acknowledgements the Nova Scotia Minister of the Environment indicated in 2012 Health Canada has provided information that wind turbines are safe from a human health perspective.

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