Lorrie is facing a proposal for IWTs close to her home. The concerns are the same wherever turbines are being planned. What do we do with a government in denial?

"I know there are families that have quietly moved away because, maybe they knew what they would run into but I suspect they just wanted to get as much value out of their house and just get out of the way of what is happening."
"I know of all kinds of other people who have tried to get help from the people who we expect are there to help us who are still siting there that just finally just gave up and walked away."
"When we are living in the shadow of a turbine proposal it is terrifying."

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Lucie Johanna Mutch
11/06/2014 11:20pm

Hello Lorrie

I am not sure that you remember me, but I wanted to say good luck and all the best with your fight against the wind turbine proposal. What saddens me is the disregard our government has for the health and well-being of its own citizens.

Best of luck, Jo

Wind Victims Ontario
11/07/2014 5:07am

Hi Jo,
Thanks for your comment.
Lorrie can be reached at

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